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Brand with Confidence

It’s your thing: your vision, your blood, sweat, and tears. 

Launching a new brand is exhilarating but overwhelming. So many things to juggle: from your brand identity to your online presence. 

We’ve bundled our core brand launch services into one convenient, cost-effective package to make things easy. 

Your Total Launch Package

Everything you need to establish your brand identity online:

  • Logotype and avatar
  • Brand identity guide
  • Social set-up on top platforms
  • Branding website & copy

The Perfect Launch

Save time and money - at $206, you can’t go wrong 

Professional design - built with Adobe and designed with quality 

Convert more customers with an impressive, consistent identity 

Stay lean and trust your digital brand to Lumikha 

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Your Brand, Your Story

Your brand isn’t just a logo; it’s your legacy. Make sure it’s one your customers remember. From a stunning brand mark to a cohesive look, feel, and voice - we tell your brand story in a way that captivates. 

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Your Total Launch Package

Your Total Launch Package

Everything you need to establish your brand identity online:  Logotype and avatar  Brand identity guide  Social set-up on top platforms  Branding website & copy

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Distill your brand’s essence and bring it to life in a way that resonates with your target customers. The

Social Setup

Social Setup

Meet your audience where they live: on social media. Hit the ground running on social andstart forging those community connections

Website Presence

Website Presence

Your website is your brand’s 24/7 digital communicator. Look great, load fast, and lead visitors to action. Built

Coming soon

Coming soon

This is Launch Stack Promo, a brand new site by Dev that's just getting started. Things will be

Spend Wisely

Branding  can cost thousands. But we want to give passionate entrepreneurs like you the best possible start.  For a limited time, get the complete Brand Launch Stack for just $206!

The Brand Launch Stack

You've got the goods. We'll get you the gloy. Let's build a brand that does your vision justice and catapults your business.It all starts with a call. We can't wait to meet you

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Skip the stress and guesswork of piecing your brand together. 

Our proven process and talented team plus your big idea mean you’ll have everything you need to make a memorable entrance and connect with your dream customers. Stay focused on what you do best - delighting them with an amazing product. 

Ready to stack the deck in your favor and launch your brand to new heights? Let’s go! 


Brand Me

About Lumikha

We’re the go-to agency for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and bootstrappers ready to start their journey. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses make a big impact.  

We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses make a big impact.  

Our services are tailored for efficiency and impact at accessible prices because your passion deserves pros in its corner. 

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