The 2023 Annual Compensation Report by Curran Daly +Associates

Know Who Makes What

Curran Daly +Associates places business leaders in various professions and industries; we deliver base salary ranges from first-hand experience and additional research we conduct during these placements. Most of our placements are in Manila, and so we use this data for compensation data.

About Curran Daly +Associates

Curran Daly +Associates is a Philippines executive recruitment firm placing business leaders and highly specialized and niche roles. We use a high-trust approach to staffing key roles, yielding well-matched candidates and quicker hiring speed.

Our process for sourcing to offer letter works through professional networks carefully cultivated and curated over the past two decades. Each search is a personal exchange built on rapport, candor, and mutual respect.

Curran Daly's reputation for quick, quality hires rests on a foundation of authentic relationships, industry and position specialization, and regional scope.

The Report: Definitive Salary Data on Top Positions in the Philippines

Annual Updates

Piping hot and fresh updates each year. Over 150 positions. 5 industry reports covering the most dynamic sectors in the Philippines.

Straight from the Trenches

Built on direct experience and signed contracts. No surveys. No second-hand research. Just real-world data.

Straight from the Trenches

Now available to the public. Just ask, and we'll send you updated reports upon release.

What People Say About the Report

We look forward to the report every year. It gives us reliable data we use to guide our annual budgets for new hires and our offers.

Curran Daly is our long-term recruiting partner, and we've found the Compensation Report another part of their excellent service.